We are extremely sorry for the prosecutions by the Fair Work Australia.  We were ignorant to believe we can still use the AWA’s where employees can elect whether to work on the weekend at the ordinary rate of pay.   Since the intervention by the Fair Work Australia, we were informed that this award was no longer valid and we had to use the RESTAURANT INDUSTRY AWARD.   Where possible, we have paid back all employees affected by the old award. 

We fully support and will work closely with Fair Work Australia to ensure that our business fully comply with the fair work act.  We will use the latest book keeping programs to ensure proper records are kept. 

We are very sorry to any employees affected as they are the key to our success. 

Due to the ongoing difficulties with founder’s personal life, the franchise management will be placed under new directorship.  We hope this new management will propel our business to a successful future.

We are also sorry for letting down the other franchisees with our actions.  We are very much committed to keep building and to support the Han’s Café name.

We would like to thank everybody for your understanding and hope for your continued support into the future.